What Our Agents Say


The support and expertise here make all the difference!

I came to Young Real Estate from a “trendy brokerage” where I was promised a lot but didn’t have much success. I had my first contract with Young Real Estate within a few weeks! They truly teach the practice aspects of the industry that you need to learn to be successful! Working here has been truly life changing. I love this company!

Randa Burress


The best career choice I ever made for sure!

I have been in the real estate industry for over a decade and have done a lot of business both in Central Florida and Internationally. I decided to meet with Paul Young at Young Real Estate because I wanted to work with and associate myself with some of the best in the industry!

Natalia De Macedo


I had great results in my first month!

When I came to Young Real Estate I was new to the industry and Paul stood out to me when he came and spoke to my real estate class. It also helped that he was a fellow Veteran. With his guidance I started out with a bang and had 3 pending contracts in my first month! He has been a great mentor and friend and has truly changed my families life!

Travis Ginn


Best real estate brokerage firm to join

I have known Paul for many years, way before Young Real Estate even existed and consider him a good friend. When the opportunity came to work together again I couldn’t pass it up. As one of the original members of Young Real Estate I have seen nothing but growth and success since I’ve worked here. Over the years I’ve been a member of many different offices and can honestly say there is no better real estate brokerage to be part of!

Antonio Rodriguez


Guarateed 100% commissions and training

There were a lot of things that attracted me to Young Real Estate. The 100% commission structure is obviously the best! The rest of the systems and training are the best as well. Deciding to join them was what catapulted my career to what it is today. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor than our broker Paul Young, he has taught me everything I know about the industry. The support you get from our brokerage is unmatched and has really meant the difference between closing on a transaction and not closing on many occasions. Would highly recommend this brokerage to anyone who is looking to take the next step in their career!

Charles Burt


Top brokerage firm in Florida to be part of!

After talking to Paul I decided to get into the real estate industry and with his help I started out with a bang! He helped me get 4 pending contracts in my very first month! A very hands on broker who you can always call with questions and is more than willing to help put deals together for you! Would highly recommend Young Real Estate to anyone looking for a brokerage.

Angelica Hankins