Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! We have every type of training you could ask for. We have in person classes taught by our award-winning broker Paul Young. We have online training videos, scripts, recorded prospect calls, how to videos, real estate professional coaching all on demand 24/7. We also have Zoom training classes, one on one training, mentorship, and team options!

No, our typical office transaction fee is $499.00 but you have the liberty to charge more or less. It just must be in writing; our training shows you the best procedures to charge the fee. It is a relatively easy task to accomplish. It is a great way for you to earn more than 100% commission! The office portion can be just taken out of the total commission if no transaction fee is charged.

Yes, you just need to notify the office. We have a 45 day transitional period after switching plans but you can switch at any time.

Yes, we have worked with multiple lead platforms for our Realtor’s. We are currently working with Opcity and OJO and are actively looking for more platforms. These two services are ISA services that actively prospect potential clients and live transfer them to you when they are ready to buy or sell a home. You pay nothing for the leads monthly or when they send them over to you. It doesn’t matter if they send you over 20 leads, we only pay them when you close. They are a great source of business and should be added as another funnel to ensure consistent closings.

To be a Realtor yes you must become a member to earn that title. In order to practice real estate, you must join the local association because that is also where you will gain access to the MLS and real estate contracts. We are currently part of 13 different real estate associations throughout Florida and have been joining new associations on demand.

Yes, we have both! With the great commission plans we have it enables both teams and mentors to offer more while keeping your take home pay high as well!

No, we have Realtors all over Florida and are currently part of over 13 different Realtor Associations. You are not required to come to the office for anything because we have

We have conference rooms throughout Florida that you can use for meetings and we are part of 13 different Realtor Associations throughout Florida and growing!

We have a state of the art online transaction management system where all contracts and addendums can be stored. With that we have the ability to send out commission disbursement requests to title companies for you as a Realtor to be paid right at the closing table with no delay! This is unlike many real estate brokerages that have a much longer process to get you paid!

There are a number of ways to do this. Most of our Realtors use Authentisign which is part of TransactionDesk in the MLS. You could also use DocuSign or Dotloop. It is totally up to you. All executed documents are stored in our paperless transaction system.